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Mobile Apps For Business - Era of Handheld Device
Mobile Apps For Business - Era of Handheld Device


Mobile phones are becoming more popular among all peoples because of the elasticity and makes our work more flexible easy and connect wherever we need and complete the task in matter of seconds while connected via network that may be either banking or talking to your family.Since it becomes popular and has a big market of peoples who buy(or free) apps and use for their routine life as well which makes Developers as well Companies to move forward to understand the business Needs and develop apps.


Mobile apps aren't for replacing the website but they are powerful for your customers to get periodic update wherever they go and thus increasing the mobility and making them happy by giving constant updates.we could determine the things what the customer needs the update and focusing on that idea as center we could develop app for mobile phones and push them updates.

Even more specific,Service based model websites have huge userbase via desktop browser app,whereas nowadays peoples started using the mobile phone browsers to connect with such services and that makes some hassle for loading and rendering the whole web app in Smaller devices and that shows their mobile traffic is increasing steadily while checking your analytic report of web app.

Updates for Google Search APRIL 21st says that web apps that are mobile optimized will get the highest ranking(probably) in google search via mobile app search as well they indicate about the Loading speed to the users too with warning symbol or something.

Recently even Google is working on the project for mobile web pages optimization and rendering and making it for users to load faster and access the contents easier.


when you adopt mobile apps for business by addressing the users needs and with on-go updates, Don't forget about these things listed below,
  1. Optimized Content
    Think twice before what content/Data to be shown to the user,choose the best viewed page or update for the user to be shown in mobiles apps and make it available in few touch or gestures.This will surely make the users feel less work instead scratching and searching for it.
  2. Design UI/UX

    Design plays vital role in mobile apps which serves for specific purpose.even your app performs well and has bad UI then your app uninstall rate will automatically increase in period of time and choose alternative apps/ competitor apps.
  3. in-App ads

    Be lovable to show ads in between/end of contents as "SPONSORED BY" and dont make sure that makes troubles for users to use apps,if the users likes it they'll click it.too much of ads and cover ads will surely make the users to uninstall the app.
  4. Size Of APP

    make sure you're app size is small unless it is really needed for end user,make a logical thinking that user will really appreciate such app size for use.most of the mobile apps  developers dont think about the size and customer way of thinking,it is solely responsible by the business peoples to make sure.this can cause great impact too.
  5. Respect USERS

    Respect the users opinion on the app reviews and manually review it once in a while or by staffs regularly and reply them based on the comments.make yourself available for users to contact at anytime via email/fax/sms or support tickets.collect the usage statistics from corresponding app stores or analytics center and analyse the broken features and fix it via next update as per schedule.
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Thus we have seen various key ideas for business policies/optimistic view for mobile applications for their customers.have any questions or comments just do write a mail to or comment can contact us for mobile app development and strategy,App store Optimization(ASO) and marketing/Deployment.

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